Research Priority Area is one of 20 designated Research Priority sites of the network. It brings together urban scholars in human geography, planning, sociology, political science, international development studies, fascilitating interdisciplinary research in urban studies.

Urban research

The site is directed by Prof. Luca Bertolini with the support of an Executive Board consisting of the leaders of the constituent research groups, and an Advisory Board, consisting of young, up-and-coming research leaders. Today the site connects more than 50 researchers and over 50 PhD students. The site supports existing urban research programs and stimulates interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary collaborative projects. Enabling international academic collaborations and science-practice interactions are also main areas of activity.

Key research themes include:

  • impact of globalization on urban societies;
  • role of diversity in the social and economic functioning of cities;
  • dynamics of stratification, citizenship, and identity in urban contexts;
  • urban geography and big data;
  • comparative approaches in urban studies;
  • effects of the social and built environment and urban planning on life chances;
  • management and governance of cities;
  • sustainable urban development.

About Urban Studies

Watch the video below to get a feel for this research priority area: